If u r looking for an extraordinary work... I would suggest you.. This is the perfect place.. The way they interacts, the way they support, QoS is appreciable....n lastly... Best luck to team for tremendous future...

Shree Hatkesh Photo (SHP) is amazing! We are happy with their 5 Star service with Quality, Responsiveness, Professionalism, Value & Flexibility. Really such a great experience quality wise and I would recommend the SHP to anyone and everyone! Special thanks to Mr. Devarshi Pathak for the best support.

All the photos which you clicked are stunning. We both are miserable in giving poses for pictures, but you made sure that we both look beautiful and natural in photos. We loved and enjoyed every minute of the day. They are just not pictures for us, but surely a gift which we will treasure throughout our life. Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! A million thank you for being there to preserve our memories. It truly means the world to us now. You are truly an amazing photographer.

Excellent service, great team! Highly cooperative. Look forward to using the services again!

I was an immense pleasure to have my whole wedding covered by Shree Hatkesh photo. The overall experience was amazing all the photographer's very super friendly and adher to all my needs the best part was the pre wedding shoot thank you very much for that

Dear Devarshi Pathak, Thank you so much for the level of service you provided on the day. So many of our guests said how professional you were and we have recommended you to family and friends who will I am certain use your services. I am sure you have taken some amazing photos.You were right we looked absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to see the finished product. Again, many thanks to you and the team. Priyanka & Bhavik

Its very difficult to write in words about such a talent.. your work is know exactly to capture the moment and with a single photo so much emotion and story to define it...its wonderful to know you are not with boundaries with a particular type of photography ;your knowledge may it be wedding or industrial or wildlife or sports your manage getting the click so flawless ... great work ..keep up!!!! all the best......

We have photographed for revive its best photographer i have ever seen . Good Luck

Dear Dev, upload some video also if you have....BAKI TO VERY NICE... i have no wordings

Devarshi Pathak has a spring in his feet, art in his hand & vision in his eyes. His angles are creative. Each of the pic taken by him at Vibrant Saurashtra 2016 in Rajkot are a recall to the real world. When I look at his pics, I feel I am present at that moment itself. Keep up your artistic thirst & make the country proud with your work. Vande Mataram !

I am writing this as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by Shree Hatkesh Photo, Rajkot. Mr. Devarshi has been an amazing gentleman with the kind of Assistance during the Glenmark National Aquatic Championships 2015 Rajkot. His service has been mindblowing and we look forward to keep working with you in the near future. Cheers! Regards, Nilesh Shetty Project Head Glenmark Aquatic Foundation

Devarshibhai.... Very nice Photos and Videos. Song selection is just too good and appropriate, perfect mixture of emotions and art, good job. Its our pleasure to have your service. Our function became so special and memorable. thanks a lot for the same. All the very very best for your bright, creative and successful future.... :-)

Its pleasure to attain your services. Further the web site and data on the page is informative for us. Lets hope for the same n future. All D best !!

Thank you very much devarshibhai.. My mrg photos were my dre as everygirl has & you had fulfil it.. Every styles & ur each suggestions ur way 2 make me smile made my look gorgeous.. I knw u'l surely go a lot ahead cz in dis way of photography u gt lts of silent blessings & gvs happiness 2 many.. And d prsn who makes other smile god'l surely make him & his fmly a lot happy.. Thank you again..

Devarshi, bless you brother, I am really honoured and proud that I am your elder brother, I pray God he keeps you fit and fine in all ways, and keeps you always cheerful and happy. bless you brother.

Devarshibhai........ Your work personify you in toto........ Excellent Detailing............ Amazing Timing............... Soulful. Wedding album makes one nostalgic while going through the clicks and make them relive every moment. Event Photography captures the mood perfectly. Restoration converts the Past to Present, Perfect.... Industrial Photography details Product for their aesthetics and quality. Wildlife Photography is simply breath taking. I truly believe that this is just the beginning in the long journey where fame, accolades and awards are few of the milestones, which is definitely important, but a mere stepping stone, to reach the Destination called Life. Though Life is a process by itself and lived every moment, but like your clicks, collection of all that together makes it memorable. So LIVE LIFE............ needless to mention the SIZE.

Dev Sir, You are master of celluloid craft. You know the mood right and swing into action with that flashing lightls that bring gleem on every face. You put soul into the still photography and add tinch of colours in every life you focous.You embelish your subject so well that they come out alive like speaking pictures. your perennial punctuality and diligence will take you for very long run.You yearn to be the best performer in the function any and ocassion many. You have an estute crafty reflex.You can make the event look Ostentation or Austerity can be framed as per the call of the event. We wish you nothing but the best to take your life to optimum of crest being most humbled person.You will be 1 of our family. compliments of all the ocassions to you. we love your affiatus nature & love for your art.

DEV is a man of DETAIL... his hawk-eye never miss the situation to be captured. Die-hard photographer with lots of Enthusiasm, utter Passion for job & multi-dimensional personality. He knows the requirement of clients. his speed is Awesome... I wish his battery never dry & keep clicking the moments... Hugs

Loved my engagement phtography :) :) I did not wanted a typical stereotype photography.. You and your friend Shishir/Shirish.. Pardon me with the name.. Have done excellent work.. I am just loving it :) :)

To Mr. Pathak -- Excellent work and nice portfolio with an amazing collection of photographs. Congratulations for having such talent. Keep it up and wish you best of luck for the bright future ahead.

Devarshi bhai, first of all congrats for yur success in BJMC sem 2. It was pleasure to have creative ideas and understanding on any photo from you. I feel i'm watching a movie which was created and directed by you when i saw that album. every photo was like a frame of film and bride and groom was the lead character of that film... direction(photographic)was very really superb... and that quote on "Kanya Viday"... was a feel that we were part of that occasion.... now words to say... I was speechless while watching album. great..... all the best ... looking forward for your valuable guidance and feedback.....Jay Hatkesh...

"kai no ghate" bhai bhai.....

Jakas devarshibhai. Keep it up We wish u best of luck for this great and superb work

Dear Devarshi Bhai, Your all clicks are osam & Heart Touching, When we seen Bhagwat Saptah Photos, my marriage & Naynesh Marriage Photos remember you every time........ Just seen your wild photographs on website it's really G8. I would like to wish you best of luck for your future.......... Regards, Alkesh Abhani

Dear Mr. Devershi, "Art Has No Definition!!! But Art has Emotion!!!" - Ab "Transfer Hobbies into Professional" - Ab >>> You are Truly a Professional Artist to Click one of the moments of one's Life, Nature, Business & Personal. >>> Your Click make Normal, Un-usual, Easy Moments & Un-Emotional to Special, Rare, Attractive, Creative & Emotionally Attached PHOTOGRAPH. Wish You being Smart, Enthu, Creative, Motivational, Energetic & Emotional Photograph Clicker as Always... I m very much lucky that i have Friend Like you... Thanks & Regards, Abhi.... A Good Friend & Corporate Trainer. "Be Happy & Make others Happy" - Ab "Transfer Hobbies into Professional" - Ab

I admit of not being gifted with artistic eyes but while I moved my eyes thru the website of Shree Hatkesh Photos, to my disbelief, I could appreciate and cherish every photograph displayed, artistically. Had I turned artistic? or the pictures simply brought the hidden artist out of me. I was never aware I could appreciate and cherish an art so much. The picture quality, clarity and the angles at which they were taken are simply breath taking. My compliments to Mr. Devarshi Pathak of Shree Hatkesh Photos for this excellent work of art. Please carry on the good work.

God gifted us two eyes to see the world, but to see it with third eye and show the same to others is an art and that is Photography. There are many to capture various occasions, functions, nature, stories on celluloid but to visualize and understand it, one needs vision. A photographer’s art really blossoms when he captures these moments and presents before us to make us believe that we were present there and then. I had the same feeling when I visited Shree Hatkesh Photo’s Website, today. To prepare a portfolio of a client with such a huge repute, Kalyan Jwellers and to touch such heights deserves appreciation of highest order The quality and results of photographs are par excellent. Hats off to Devarshibhai Congratulations. -Prashant Baxi type pics ..... so anthu n always ready to capture all the moments of ny functn wid the same smiling face is really appreciable.... i could nt find wrds to give proper compliment to the art which u hv.... thank u so much 4 making our functions memorable.... :) :) :) nw i cm 2 knw y kalyan jeweler hv chosen u as a photographer... hats off 2 u...

A warm smile is universal sign of kindness but to capture that kindness in a lense of eye and to show the same language of kindness to mankind is the height of mr devershi pathak...wider view of his vision can turn even nonliving things into living mysterious is that? Isn't it?? -Bhaumik bhatt

Brilliant Job done, Superb

Dear Devarshi, just visit your web, really wonderful photography clicked by you. cheers. all the best for your future projects

Thanks for the great clicks taken during my recent visit to Rajkot... keep up the great work.

Excellent Photos. Its Definition of quality of work,Matured and professional photography.. Fabulous work.

yes...saras..and lovely

Khub j Saras.......

Very nice snap like your heart, keep it up good work.....:)

Fabulos as ever....Pathakji... Great Going..... All the Best........

yuo have done good job. Keep it up. good wishes for bright future.


wow,very colorful site just like ur thrilled story n photography.congrats n all d very best for BRIGHT n CREATIVE future.

I believe, photography is an emotional art. Meaning, if u add emotions in photography, it gives splendid capture. Devarshi bhai has emotions and art both. I am sure he always delight you with his natural photography instincts. I wish him all the best in all endeavor.


nice work, great going, all the best for future.

very nice photography no other words to say hope you all success and better progress in the field which you have donated your all time jai hatkesh

Mr. Devarshi is perfect photographer, having in depth knowledge of photography. Whatever i thought some scenes during my marrige time, i can see it rite now as every moment he captured and brought life time memory to us. He is a mixer of great timing, great ideas. All the best sir.

Beautiful photographs. These are made ​​with great professionalism and responsibility. Congratulations.

verry nice

wonderful timing and best shades ,I am your fan :)

khuba j saras

I like very much.

Good Work.

wow,very colorful site just like ur thrilled story n photography.congrats n all d very best for BRIGHT n CREATIVE future.

wow,very colorful site just like ur thrilled story n photography.congrats n all d very best for BRIGHT n CREATIVE future.

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